my little melly as a baby 😍

ok so get this OC idea

fire elemental in a mutantverse (parallel to xmen— mutant/human dissonance, eventually a rebellion, etc). haaaates hates humans. has pinged around in foster families, lying about his mutant ability but refuses to take suppressants. turns to other fixes to take his mind off of his ability but inevitably, like clockwork, he has a flareup, terrifies his foster family, and is spit out back into the system. the only reason the systems keeps him is thanks to a doctor/therapist who convinces him he’s only worth shit if he acts as human as possible and lies about his mutation.

eventually he’s old enough to be emancipated and fucks off from them. develops an intense hatred for humankind based on past experiences. swears mutants are the future and agrees that humankind either needs to be obliterated or to accept they are the lesser. he does not want peaceful segregation— he wants separation, and ultimately, protection.

below that hatred, however, is just fear. he’s terrified and alone and thinks no humans will ever accept him, so his solution is to hate hate hate. he’s capable of violence and hate crimes, and often helps foster mutant kids sabotage their arrangements w/ the state so they’re set free. 

kind of runs a scrubby runaway tent city of mutant kids but eventually causes an accident where he burns down half the camp and flees.

he’s cocky, abrasive, and headstrong, but still does not embrace his power. it always seems to cause him trouble, but he refuses to take suppressants for fear of gov’t control.

ehhhh??? ehhhhhh?


fiinch this will be headed your way soon!



i could do a thousand half doodles and it wouldn’t fill the canti sized hole in my soul

craft time. be nervous.

gym was hard today, body too tired. got in 3 miles before I have up

Some things you do just to see
How bad they’ll make you feel
Sometimes you try to freeze time
'Til the slots are a blur of spinning wheels

But I am just a broken machine
And I do things that I don’t really mean

goodness do I love the met 😍


"youre kind of bad about responding to messages" no i am just bad at things in general


party don’t start til i walk in.


Our last D&D session was especially rich in drawable content, and usually that means I’m too overwhelmed to draw any of it, but Meghan’s Wynrie looking unimpressed in a flower crown was just too good to pass up.

send me an ask/message tellin me about one (or multiple) of your OCs if you have any!!!

i wanna know all about emmmm

tell me plz


Esther’s Tree Explorations  (by aj 1982)

if someone could arrange a long vacation for me that would be great