some more speedpainting. this one is less successful. took around a half an hour.

i get really bored of blues and greens… until i realize that’s kind of nature’s thing. woops.


fyeahcutebugs: so are you going to invite me in or what


itjustgoeson: Panda Ant - Chilian Insect (Photo: Chris Lukhaup )

rhamphotheca: * So you know how I hate to identify animals in people’s posts, but…this is a velvet ant (Euspinolia militaris), actually a species of wasp (family mutillidae). the females, as with most velvet ants, are wingless. i do love the name “panda ant” though :3


bluecatsredsoxWeevil by bug eye :) Thailand It looks like some sort of cross between a giant anteater and a sloth.


electricorchid: The woolly aphid is arguably one of the cutest bugs ever. These phloem-feeders in the subfamily Eriosomatinae cover themselves in waxy white filaments, earning them the nickname “flying mice”. | +



Giant Weta

There are 11 species of giant weta, all endemic to New Zealand, most of which are larger than other weta, despite the latter already being large by insect standards. Large species can be up to 4 inches, not inclusive of legs and antennae with body mass usually no more than 35g. One captive female reached a mass of about 2.5oz, making it one of the heaviest documented insects in the world and heavier than a sparrow. This is, however, unnatural as this individual was unmated and retained an abnormal number of eggs.
The largest species of giant weta is the Little Barrier Island giant weta, also known as the wetapunga.

| Photo © Sid Mosdell